is community-based tourism and arts organization created by multi-generational Ville residents and volunteers to restore pride in the legacy of The Ville, a historic African American community in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, and inspire reinvigorated community ownership.

THE VILLE is a historic African-American neighborhood located in St. Louis, Missouri with a rich history of African-American education, business, and art. Prior to the United States Civil Rights movement, the use of restrictive covenants and other legal restrictions prevented African-Americans from finding housing in most areas of the city. As a result, the African American population of St. Louis became heavily concentrated in and around the Ville. The neighborhood became home to a number of important cultural institutions for the black community, including Sumner High School, Poro College, Lincoln University Law School, Stowe Teachers College, Simmons Elementary, Tandy Rec Center, Sarah-Lou Cafe, Annie Malone Children’s Home, and Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

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Kinloch, Brooklyn, Mill Creek, The Ville

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sponsored by Missouri Humanities Council

Educational Curriculum

Curriculum will be developed for high school students in the region to learn the rich history of the Ville while also being exposed to new career paths.

Self-Guided Tour Apps

Phone applications will be developed so that those interested can explore the Ville and its many landmarks on their own.

Heritage Walk

A vacant neighborhood lot will be transformed into a park to honor notable residents and encourage healthy living.

Augmented Reality Tour Enhancements

4theVILLE will harness the power of augmented reality to bring back to life elements of the community that are gone but not forgotten.


We will work with local vendors to design and sell paraphernalia for your favorite people, places, and memories from the ville.

Mobile Museum

4theVILLE will work with community artists to repurpose a metro bus into an interactive mobile museum and tour bus to travel around the city sharing the rich history of the Ville.